At Transitiv, we believe customer data fuels business results. We believe with more data we can create unique experiences for customers and provide real insights and forecasts to business owners. We’re passionate about creating cross-everything marketing campaigns with cross-everything attribution. Simply put, by connecting all of your customer data from all of your systems we believe we can provide you with better marketing orchestration, actionable business insights, and a more detailed understanding of your customers.

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With 30+ years in Technology, over 125MM in exits, and 15+ years of multi-location marketing experience our team has the experience needed to create success for our clients.

Ashley Messer
Ashley MesserFounder/Co-CEO
Ashley Messer is the Founder and co-CEO of Transitiv. He is responsible for all day-to-day operations and technology. Previously, he built the foundational software and data science teams for a venture backed startup which exited for $125MM. Ashley is known for his leadership and analytics skills. Outside of work, Ashley enjoys spending time with his family, long walks on the beach, skiing and is a frequent contributor to Open Source machine learning & statistics projects.
Christian Pillat
Christian PillatCo-CEO
Christian joined the Transitiv team in December of 2018 as co-CEO. He is primarily responsible for the commercialization of the Transitiv. Previously, he founded a top 5 Franchise Marketing agency which he sold in December 2018. In his free time, Christian enjoys sailing, soccer, long walks on the beach, off-road unicycling and is on the Steering Committee for UNICEF NextGen in Atlanta.



“Transitiv has been fantastic to work with. While a lot of programmatic seems like smoke and mirrors, Transitiv’s transparency and commitment to driving real results have led us to hitting and exceeding our advertising goals.”
Zack Bedingfield, CallRail
“Transitiv’s platform is a super charged engine compared to the B.S. ad tech out there”
Shailin Dhar, Media Intelligence Advocate