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We believe customer data fuels business results.

We believe with more data, we can create unique experiences for customers and provide real insights and forecasts to business owners. We’re passionate about creating cross-everything marketing campaigns with cross-everything attribution. Simply put, by connecting all of your customer data from all of your systems, we believe we can provide you with better marketing orchestration, actionable business insights, and a more detailed understanding of your customers.

What is a CDP?

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the single source of truth that holds all customer information for a business. Customer Data Platforms rely on accurate and consistent streams of data coming in from dozens of data sources to create a reliable representation of each customer and their prior interactions with that business.

In addition, some CDPs allow for the orchestration of marketing campaigns cross-platform including Google, Bing, Facebook, Direct Mail, E-mail, and many more.

How Does a CDP Work?


We collect customer data into your new data platform, hopefully Transitiv!


 Our system performs data modeling on the customer data to create customer segments. These can then be used for more targeted marketing.


 Using machine learning technology, we orchestrate highly targeted marketing programs through any system, anywhere.


 Finally, we analyze your results, provide budgeting recommendations, and can execute ads on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Programmatic, Connected TV, and More.

Learn how our CDP platform helped decrease CPA by 71.5% for a national brand.

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Our leadership has over 30 years combined auto experience and over 25 years franchise experience.

Christian Pillat
Christian PillatCo-CEO
Christian joined the Transitiv team in December of 2018 as co-CEO. He is primarily responsible for the commercialization of the Transitiv. Previously, he founded a top 5 Franchise Marketing agency which he sold in December 2018. In his free time, Christian enjoys sailing and playing soccer.


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