The OPEN platform to




Your customer data

We built the world’s first fully-automated,optimized and truly OPEN multi-channel marketing platform.

Understand, unify and activate any data on any channel

Our mission is to consume ANY data in order to intelligently drive ANY channel

We consume the data from our proprietary data assets, 3rd-parties, as well as your internal databases; and UNIFY the information to create a complete source-record for all customer interactions.


Our data science team has the expertise and experience to join diverse data sets.

We then visualize your data with insightful dashboards and detailed analytics…


…so you can validate the performance of channels, vendors, and customer activities and UNDERSTAND how to motivate them.

The insights gathered from the diverse data educate our Artificial Intelligence on the best means to drive customer acquisition, retention and spend for EACH of your locations.


The outputs can then be consumed by your existing tools, or those provided by Transitiv.

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