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Why Do I Need a First Party Programmatic CDP?

Do you want to maximize the returns of your programmatic ad spend without having to change any of your current systems (CRMs, MA, etc.)? As a marketer, without Transitiv, you’ll have to push through layers of management, development costs, siloed data, and opaque advertising suppliers. With Transitiv, you skip all of that and jump straight into a system of unified customer data – primed and ready for personalization, activation, or orchestration of your campaign strategy. The best part? The data is owned and controlled by you (the marketer). Our set up is easy (15 minutes) and our pricing is fully transparent!

“Transitiv has been fantastic to work with. While a lot of programmatic seems like smoke and mirrors, Transitiv’s transparency and commitment to driving real results have led us to hitting and exceeding our advertising goals.”

Marketing Director, CallRail

Our Features

Ad Serving

Serve rich, dynamic ads with full control over every impression

Audience Tools

Reach your audience across different screens and media for true cross-channel campaign execution

Media Buying

0% media markup so there’s no conflict of interest. We work for marketers.

Attribution & Reporting

Multi-touch attribution by default. Customize any model you’d like.


Integrations with almost every major system provider. Custom options also available.


White-glove support and on-boarding. Schedule a demo to see how easy it is to get Transitiv set up.


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