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Ad Server

Model-Driven And Easily Customizable

Transitiv’s ad server is driving the next generation of programmatic. Use Transitiv’s built-in models or build your custom models. Designed from the ground up to meet the evolving needs of advertisers, launching and managing a truly custom-tailored campaign has never been easier.

No Limits To Your Message

Data-driven creative revolutionizing programmatic, so why use an ad server where your data is an afterthought? Transitiv’s ad server is fully integrated with our Audience Tools so you can on-board your data, segment your audience, and deliver a relevant impression every time.


Analyze Campaigns On A Higher Dimension

Thermatic ad engagement analytics allow you to see how your audience interacts with your ad whether or not they click through. Tracking any audience interaction on both image and HTML5 ads puts a wealth of unique measurement data at your command and enables tactics that other platforms just can’t execute.

Go Beyond Conventional Measurement

Understanding how your audience interacts with advertising touch points is important. Intuitive reporting and tight integration across Transitiv allow you to leverage this data across your organization for both people and technology.

Email Retargeting

Scale Your Audience Across Channels

Email is a highly effective channel for digital marketing, but it is not without its drawbacks. Transitiv Email Retargeting allows you to scale valuable email audiences into the open web with the full benefits of programmatic technology. A simple in-message pixel implementation allows you to target audiences based on whether or not users open the message or click-through on links within the message.

Audience Tools

Create And Curate Your Audiences With Precision

Audiences are the essence of targeting when buying programmatic media. Transitiv puts you in control of a comprehensive suite of tools, so you can create and activate audiences that drive campaign performance. From first-party data on-boarding to advanced segmentation, Transitiv offers you your very own data management platform that is directly integrated across every Transitiv component.

Explore The Toolset

Transitiv Audience Tag

This isn’t your average one-tag solution. The Audience Tag has a robust machine learning pipeline that analyzes every audience session on your site and makes that data available for granular segmentation. If you have any type data or product feeds that accompany your site, upload those to Transitiv and the Audience Tag will automatically match product data to your audience members in real-time. No more fussing with vendor on-boarding or complicated tagging configurations. Audience Tag is a zero-configuration, one-time implementation.

Activate Your First-Party Data

It’s no secret that first-party data is a powerful driver of programmatic performance. Brands and advertisers need to utilize these assets if they want to grasp the ever-diminishing attention of their audience. Transitiv allows you to easily on-board first-party data whether it’s feed data or a list of emails. All it takes is a simple upload and your data will be ready to segment and target.

Advanced Segmentation

Transitiv’s segmentation tools allow you to slice and dice your audiences with exactness. Any data collected through the Transitiv Audience Tag is made available for custom segmentation right in the interface, so you can build the right audience for any type of campaign. Also, Transitiv supplies you with automatically generated audiences, so you can target your most valuable users with little effort.  

Reporting & Attribution

Analyze, Discover Insight, Optimize

Knowing your ad dollars are generating a return is crucial. A full set of reporting and attribution tools included in Transitiv, so you can stay informed about the true value of your campaigns.