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The Foundation For Success

Transitiv provides a full-range of programmatic capabilities, from ad serving to media buying, in a package that is ready to help your team tap new revenue streams on day one. The Transitiv toolkit also makes building your own ad products on top of our existing tech easy. One programmatic engine, limitless possibilities.


Your Proprietary Solution

Every piece of Transitiv is able to be fully white-labeled. Eliminate the costly and lengthy development of your building your own programmatic solution and use one that has already been built by programmatic experts for companies just like yours.


Efficiency Through Simplicity

Let’s face it, programmatic ad operations are complex and building a team to execute them in typical ad platforms can be a tall task. That’s why we streamlined Transitiv’s workflows for operational efficiency. Complex ad formats and campaigns can be carried out in just a few short steps.


End-To-End Transparency

For you to deliver the best possible ad products to your customers, you need to know exactly what you’re getting. Unfortunately, many other programmatic ad platforms are don’t offer the transparency you need. Transitiv delivers full transparency, from campaign performance to our simple pricing model.


Cut Your Ad Tech Tax

As much as 60% of advertiser budgets are siphoned off by layers of ad tech vendors before they reach the publisher. It’s a jungle out there. Transitiv offers a transparent, simple pricing model by charging a CPM fee for access to our entire platform.

Don’t Just Talk About Value, Show It

Proving the value of your client’s programmatic ad spend to them can be difficult. Transitiv has a full set of reporting and measurement tools that are intuitive and clearly convey the value of campaigns. From Thermatic engagement analytics to attribution modeling, Transitiv offers tools that will make sure you and your clients are never in the dark.


Enterprise Ready API & Integration

The Transitiv API covers every component of the platform and offers you comprehensive control over all of the internal machinery. Integrate with your existing systems or easily build custom ad products over top of Transitiv.