We know the importance of data.

Our platform serves over a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Franchise Development

  • Franchise Consumer

  • Automotive

  • Agencies

With the help of our data aggregation system, we can help a number of different kinds of businesses put together a marketing solutions strategy to help their bottom line.

Franchise Development

We believe it’s more important than ever to focus on personalized marketing to reduce wasted ad spend.

With a higher barrier to entry for Franchising, we know the importance of screening potential franchisees.

With Transitiv’s machine learning* technology, we help Franchisors target only the most qualified candidates to help reduce costs per channel and focus on the channels that matter most.

targeted ad spend

See How Four Seasons Sunrooms Was Able to Decrease Their Cost per Lead by 71.5% Using Transitiv’s AI-Driven Technology

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Franchise Consumer

Marketers that switch to Transitiv typically see on average an 18.45% reduction in CPA.

With our customer data platform, we have the unique ability to aggregate data of similar franchisees to determine a tried-and-true strategy for your individual business. With access to 1000s of websites and personalized ads, we help you unify your message across platforms to help drive leads and reduce costs.

By leveraging Transitiv’s CDP, we can collect information on these customers to help optimize these 4 drivers by leveraging existing customer data to create highly targeted marketing.

  • Get more new customers

  • Increase frequency of customer purchases

  • Increase average order value
  • Reduce customer churn

“Transitiv is a Game-Changer”

Lindsay Dellasega, CEO of ecomaids

“With Transitiv, we were able to realize our full potential as a brand. The additional knowledge we acquired through Transitiv’s fully integrated platform gave us the ability to capture a larger market share, convert valuable prospects, and maximize our ROAS without increasing speed.”

Richard Harris, Chief Marketing Officer, Latium USA


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