AI-Driven Marketing Prescriptions for Your Franchise System

Transitiv uses machine learning to identify your most effective marketing channels and prescribe budgets for your franchisees.

By collecting marketing budgets from your franchisees on a monthly basis, Transitiv is able to unify the information and use machine learning to pinpoint the most effective marketing channels. By understanding customer interactions, Transitiv can then match the marketing data to revenue and customers. This technology will then prescribe budgets to your franchisees, providing recommendations based on data collected from the entire system.

How it Works

Collect Customer Data

The customer data platform collects data from different sources.

We consume data from our proprietary data assets, 3rd-parties, as well as your internal databases, and unify the information to create a complete source-record for all customer interactions.

Create Customer Segments

Transitiv creates reliable representations of each customer, and their prior interactions with that business, to create customer segments that are used for targeted marketing.

Our data science team has the expertise and experience to join diverse data sets.

Execute Marketing Campaigns

We execute highly targeted marketing campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Programmatic, Connected TV, and More.

We then visualize your data with insightful dashboards and detailed analytics so you can validate the performance of channels, vendors, and customer activities and understand how to motivate them.

Refine and Iterate

We analyze your results and can provide prescriptive budgeting advice for the future

The insights gathered from the diverse data educate our Artificial Intelligence on the best means to drive customer acquisition, retention and spend for EACH of your locations. The outputs can then be consumed by your existing tools, or those provided by Transitiv.

Mobile App Features

Download the mobile application on the App Store
Download the mobile application on the App Store
Download the mobile application with Google Play
Download the mobile application with Google Play

We built the world’s first fully-automated,optimized and truly OPEN multi-channel marketing platform.

Single Customer View

Unify customer data in one consistent place, analyze past behavior and use it to personalize multi-channel marketing campaigns to your customers!

Manage Online & Offline Data

By connecting online events to offline events, Transitiv creates a clear picture of who your customers are and what they are buying.

Cross-Everything Attribution

Map each touchpoint of your customer’s journey on their path-to-purchase.

Heat Mapping

Understand your most engaging content with ad heatmaps.

Single Customer Analytics

Understand the value and actions of each customer.

Personalized Ad Messaging & Delivery

Feed-based ads allow you to personalize your message to a specific customer or market segment.

Targeted Content to Each Visitor

Dynamic Content for your website based on the visitors past interactions with your brand.


Fully compliant with all GDPR Laws.


E-commerce? No problem.



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