5 Ways Domino’s is using your Pizza Pictures for Marketing

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Did you know Domino's stock outperformed Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple from 2010 through 2017? Their success over that time period is typically attributed to two things: They launched the Ad Campaign where they took customer feedback, completely revamped their pizza, then delivered the new pizzas to previously unhappy Domino's customers. This was called The [...]

Marketer uses Customer Data, you won’t believe what happens next!

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This article is about my journey into using Customer Data for marketing over the last year. It opened my eyes to the future of marketing and I share real numbers below about its impact. Background: I, Christian Pillat, have been doing marketing for Franchise Brands & multi-location businesses for the past 8 years.  I worked [...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Personalization

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A Beginner's Guide to Marketing Personalization Did you know that 52% of consumers are likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t personalize communications with them? Or that 65% of business buyers are likely to switch brands if a vendor doesn’t personalize communications to their company?* If customers will leave you if you do not [...]