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Centralized Programmatic Stack

The elements that allow you to execute successful programmatic campaigns are becoming increasingly fragmented. No more offline data in this platform, static ads in another platform, multiple DSP’s, and on and on. Use one platform and get simple. With Transitiv, you get advanced ad serving, media buying, data management, and unique measurement all in one place.

Step Out From The Crowd

As you know, the world of the ad agency is hyper-competitive and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate your offering. Why not become an owner of a proprietary programmatic ad platform? Transitiv offers the ability to white-label every piece of the platform so you can differentiate your agency on technical level.

Streamlined Workflows For Operational Efficiency

Buy-side ad operations can be a nightmare, we know. We designed Transitiv’s workflows from the ground up to be simple and streamlined. Launching campaigns, trafficking dynamic creatives, and managing your in-platform workload has never been so easy. Spend less time bogged down in your ad platform and more time delivering true value to your clients.

No More Black Box

Ad tech is rife with walled gardens and opaque transactions. Transitiv fully supports a transparent and open ad ecosystem, and we deliver on our stance. Complete access to granular exchange-level data and a straightforward CPM pricing model should give you the confidence that you are operating in a transparent environment.

Slash Your Ad Tech Tax

Vendors on vendors. The fragmented market of ad tech companies has hurt your client’s return on their ad dollars, but we’re here to help. Transitiv combines multiple point solutions in a single platform and offers a simple transparent pricing model.

Don’t Just Talk About Value, Show It

Proving the value of your client’s programmatic ad spend to them can be difficult. Transitiv has a full set of reporting and measurement tools that are intuitive and clearly convey the value of campaigns. From Thermatic engagement analytics to attribution modeling, Transitiv offers tools that will make sure you and your clients are never in the dark.

Built Atop An End-To-End API

The Transitiv API covers every component of the platform and allows your team to integrate Transitiv with your existing platforms with granular control. Whether you are looking to consolidate reporting, or custom-tailor trafficking processes, the Transitiv API gives you highly-scalable, precision control.